It shouldn’t be much further down, can it? * I’ve been heading in this direction for awhile now * Surely I will hit bottom soon * AAH, but I remember when it was good * When I was something of value * The days when I could speak with conviction and without consequence * Stand tall alongside my peers * Be proud of who and what I had become * Those were the days * And the nights when sleep was plentiful * Love was always awaiting me * Peace and more peace held out its hand to bring me to its fold * Dreams were of awaking to another day filled with wonder and surprise * I smile at the thought of THEN * But this is NOW * And I am falling * The darkness of the bottom is not visible to me * Yet, I know it is coming fast * The bottom is rising up to greet me *  Faster now * It’s almost exciting really *  My arms are stretched out  wide, accepting *  I’m not floating * Falling * So many bad choices made lately * Falling *


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