I dreamed like I was here before in this place or this space. Yes that’s it, this space. I WAS HERE. To think that it might have only lasted a few seconds at most, is amazing. The “ME” was there and I was not alone. She was there too. Close enough to me to make me believe that I was holding her in my arms. Her scent was exactly as I remembered it was.  I remember it so well. Sometimes I might smell it or sense that it is close and I would raise my nose like a hound and try to track it’s origin. I never ever find it, I just enjoy the fact that I can still be pleased by it’s allure. In my dream she was near me and I near her. We held each-other and I squeezed her ass. I always squeeze the ass, it’s a thing I do. With her aroma in my head and her rear in my palms, we kissed. MAN what a kiss, just like I remembered. Sweet tasting and not too wet yet moist enough to make me want to twirl my tongue with hers as we opened our mouths wider. I peeked thru my eyelids at her face and my hand went to her shoulder then her neck. I held her tightly and slid my hand with open fingers up her neck and in through her hair, she moaned. This should not end, ever. How can I make this not end? Prolong the kiss, that’s an option, isn’t it?  I kissed her harder and deeper now. She moaned and accepted. I placed my ass hand around her waist and pulled her tighter to me. She gabbed my ass and pulled herself into me. Now it was my turn to accept and I did accept. The dream was ending. I was losing her. I held her so tight that she exhaled a deep and surprised breath into my mouth. I inhaled her as we kissed. Tighter and tighter I squeezed her. The  more she exhaled the more I inhaled. She suddenly seemed smaller in my embrace than I remembered. My arm around her seemed to slice through her body. I felt my fingers touch myself. The hand that once held her head now covered my own face. I heard her moan a final moan. I almost fell forward as I held onto nothing but air. Her air. I opened my eyes she was gone. I was alone. I felt embarrassed standing there alone. What have I done? I took her. I gave her life, then I took it back. I,,I,, I can still smell her scent.




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