So once again

One more time

Here I am

Without mine

On this day

Of candy and flowers

We are apart

By higher powers

I’m not mad

Or angry at all

I just wish

There wasn’t a wall

Since I can’t

Be with you

I hope this poem

Will make do

I want to say

How much I care

How much I wish

That I was there

Roses are red

Roses are blue

Honey I love

The heck out of you


Run to the florist

Pick a bunch

Make a date

Have some lunch

Pull out the chair

For her to sit

Center the vase

Put flowers in it

Light a candle

Set the mood

Unfold her napkin

Serve the food

Time to eat

Just you two

It’s so romantic

The whole day thru

She’s in love

With you today

You’re so lucky

So you say

Here’s to us

And all we do

But most of all

Here’s to you


Every year

About this time

I buy some candy

For the girl of mine

It’s in a box

With a ribbon

Filled with treats

Some forbidden

Open it up

Look inside

I see my favorite

It can’t hide

Take one out

Take a bite

Tastes so good

It’s out of sight

One for you

Two for me

There’s so many

I’ll take three

Every year

About this time

I share some candy

With the girl of mine


With the sun

She does rise

Day after day

Its no surprise

She’s the one

Who gave me life

The one who endured

All the strife

With a simile

A hug or a wink

She made me better

She made me think

Sent to me

From above

Sent to protect

Sent to love

So on this day

When we give flowers

I want to thank

Those higher powers

For giving me

One like no other

For giving me

A giving mother


Some say candy

Taste the best

I say kissing

Beats the rest

When I think

About my girl

I see a vision

Of chocolate swirl

Of sweet toppings

And treats inside

Of bursting flavor

That just can’t hide

Like a kid

With eyes wide open

I stand there staring

I stand there hoping

That you’ll let

Me have a bite

Let me enjoy you

Thru the night

Then comes morning

You think we’re done

Now I’m the candy

Your turn for fun


Here I sit

All alone

Our loves become

Love by phone

I wonder what

She’s doing now

By herself

I wonder how

She’s as alone

As I am

As I sit

In this can

It breaks my heart

Every year

It makes me think

Does she tear

Is she feeling

A certain way

Because we’re apart

Again this day

Honey this is

The last time

That we’re not together

On St Valentines



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