As I was the last one out of our bed this morning. As I being the last one up I became the one to make our bed. As I threw all our sheets, blankets, comforter and pillows onto the floor.  As I walked around our mattress pulling and tucking our bed sheet sides and corners under our mattress.  As I ran my open palms across our bed sheet to smooth and prepare it for tonight’s entrance.  As I filled our comforter with air and let it settle down on top of our bed. As I fluffed our pillows and placed them exactly where they belonged. As I almost walked away without seeing. As I jerked my view back at HER pillow. As I stepped back towards HER pillow. As I NOW noticed that it had a light black smudge on it. As I picked up HER pillow and held it close to MY eyes. As I now noticed this smudge.  As I looked at it  hoping to see through the stain. As my mind processed this I began to weep. As it became crystal clear to me. As I sat with weak knees on our bed holding HER pillow. As I now realized that SHE must have cried last night.



  1. J.D.F says:

    I followed every step, and was hit in the gut with the subtle profoundness of your words. Thank you.

  2. Kelley says:

    Beautifully written…….

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