She is traveling

But not alone

With children in tow

Far far from home


Her burden she carries

Like a stone

Sometimes she feels

She can’t go on


Tired and sad

She doesn’t mind much

For she knows

Soon they’ll touch


He’s coming to meet

Me in the middle

When we’re together

We’ll solve this riddle


The road is long

And filled with turns

That cannot extinguish

How her love burns


Up there ahead

She sees him running

Her load feels lighter

She knows he’s coming




He is her husband

She is all he dreams

His heart feels heavy

Or so it seems


He must have faith

That she’ll survive

It is that thought

That keeps him alive


Never too much

For him to bear

He hopes she knows

Their life they’ll share


The heavy heart

The distant look

He’ll never get back

The time they took


But still he walks

With steady pace

He cannot NOT

Finish this race


Over the horizon

He knows she’s coming

He sheds his pain

And starts running




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