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When I think

Of all I’ve done

Disregarded rules

To have some fun

Simple things

That at the time

I believed

Were not a crime

But I guess

They all add

To a total

Of doing bad

And for that

I must submit

A few years

To pay for it

Now I’m not

Angry or upset

I’m just hoping

To forget

That I’m in

A place like this

The signs were there

I just missed




Everything is on the line…I have put it out there…Said my piece and shared my heart…I opened up, I truly opened up, AND I did it with so few words…Less words than I thought…I guess that’s what happen when it’s real, huh?…It doesn’t take much at all to tell the truth…The truth is not so dependent on preaching and pleading or selling your feelings to another…It was quite liberating actually…Like a lifted weight…Once I had said what I had to say, I said to myself,”Holy crap, that’s exactly how I really feel!“…Funny thing is, I didn’t intend to get it out there like that, it just kinda happened during the conversation with her about my unhappiness…


She sat and I assumed she was listening…I mean she was driving as I spoke…Tossing in some,”Uh uh’s and yeps,” here and there… Nodding  her head and agreeing occasionally with me while commenting on the other cars on the road and how the sun was TOO sunny that morning…

I had said my truth and not another word…I didn’t plan it that way…I just did not have another word to say after my truth came out…My heart/soul/body/vocal cords didn’t even make a move to say anything else…

We arrived at my office…I got out of the car…She was adjusting her sun visor again…She didn’t say a word and drove off…I stood there and watched her car melt into the morning traffic…

As she disappeared from my view I finally spoke again …“Hey, I want my truth back.”




Like a coat

Worn all day

It covers you whole

In every way

You’re able to walk

And move about

Still you feel

The shame and doubt

Sometimes it feels

Like you’re the one

Like you were chosen

To carry the shun

I feel the weight

Upon my shoulders

Will I crumble

As I get older

Looking around

I must decide

To reveal my burden

Or continue to hide

What if they see

The pain I hold

Will I be caught?

Or invited into the fold





Every now

And every then


All but end

At first it is

Just little things

Like how he acts

Or how she sings

Then it grows

But not outside

We both keep silent

We both play pride

Then one day

You both explore

You both are shocked

At the unload

I didn’t know

Why didn’t you say

All the things

That went astray

So know you know

Not to pout

Now you know

To let it out




As I sit

And await

For them to unlock

This heavy gate

I count the days

The hours too

I count the minutes

Till I hold you

That will mean

That time is done

And our new life

Will have begun

We will repair

Replace, rebuild

Years to come

With happiness fulfilled

Like it was always

Meant to be

My hand in yours

As we walk free

You are my love

And I give you mine

Together forever

For all of time




Growing up in Inwood.


On hot summer days growing up in Inwood NY, we had to find a way to cool off.

I found this video or it found me of exactly what we did back then.

We did not have video cameras back then thank god, or the legal troubles would still be going on.

This clip is spot on to my past.

The “C-Rock” is a 110 foot high cut of stone on The Bronx side of NYC. One side of the rock has a commuter rail line and the other side faces the Hudson River.

The “C” used to be painted annually by the freshman class of Columbia University, their athletic field is located to the east of the rock. The very top of the rock is named The Hump.

Great video, great flashback.







All I want

In this life

Is me be husband

You be wife

That is it

Nothing more

Nothing less

I ask for

All the trouble

All the pain


With your name

I hope you feel

This way too

I hope my love

Makes you do

When it’s told

Of how we cared

They’ll speak of all

The love we shared

Of all the things

Meant to be

They‘ll speak of you

They’ll speak of me