He was a gentle giant…Strong and honest…Poor yet resourceful…He always had our backs….Taken from us when he was still young enough to live free…I miss him and I miss his laugh…Sadly his laugh  always ended in a choke filled coughing fit because of his smoking…He smiled at life…Loved small children and pets, he wouldn’t think twice about plopping his huge frame onto the sidewalk so he and some strangers little puppy could make eye contact…Happy but not healthy…Loved but not in love…He worked hard his entire life and yet he never became what he said he wanted to become…Never rich…Never lucky…He left us almost 40 years ago…Dying alone on a New York City street…I was just a teenager when I had to go to the City Morgue to identify his body…He looked so small inside of that black body bag…Smaller than I could have ever imagined he would ever be capable of looking…I remember  more about him now than I knew about him then…He is a constant visitor in my dreams…I am smiling as I write this now just thinking of his visits to me as I sleep…I remember his laugh when I am awake…He never laughs in my dreams…



  1. Because you inspire me, I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award: http://enjoymyadventure.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

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