Is there nothing I can do to change this, this time?…I want things to be different… I want things to be the way they used to be…The way they were, only AS they should be now…You know how things evolve but stay the same?… Like you’re still YOU only an OLDER YOU…Why can’t my things be like that?…Instead, everything of mine is not the same…It is all something else…I mean like it’s Me and HER…NO I mean, it’s like it’s not me and her…It’s just ME and just HER…Here and now…Yet,somewhere out in this beautiful and massive existence we call life,  HER and I are floating along independently..It’s so sad to think that after all we’ve been through, this is what we have become…TWO that once were TWO then became ONE are now TWO again…Yet we are still ONE somewhere…Just not here…And just not now



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