“How did we get here, to this moment?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said. But we’re together and I really like you.”

“Awww, come on. YOU like me? There are so many other guys out there. Younger guys, better looking than me.” I replied.

“There is one guy, ” she answered.

“Well, then why not just go to him?” I said.

“Do you not want me?” She asked.

“Of course I want you.  Look at how beautiful and young you are. You’re stunning. I can lose myself forever inside of you. I want to lay with you always, hold you tight. My arms long to embrace you and never let you go. My hands. my fingers want to run across your skin and touch every inch of you. With each breath I take I want to inhale you, take you inside of me completely.  Your scent is of youth, you are fresh and unspoiled.  My God, YES I WANT YOU.”

“I want you too, I’ll tell the other guy that I am yours and yours only.” She said with finality and a hint of cuteness. “He doesn’t say these things to me the way you do.”

“Of course he doesn’t, I replied then continuing on. He has the whole world ahead of him. If you say no to him, he won’t care, he has choices. Like you he’s young and able to start new anytime he wants to.” I said to her as a parent would to a child.

I thought for a moment then said to her,”Tell me that you want me just for today,”

“I want you right now,” she said as she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist and started kissing me with a fury that I have long since forgotten existed. I kissed her back as I squeezed and pulled her in. Her arms held my back and neck in place so that she could control this kiss and my response to her attack. My eyes were open as I watched her hair toss playfully across her bare shoulders. I could hear her moaning and squealing as she probed deeper into my mouth with her soft  pink tongue.

Why me I asked myself?

Why would this gorgeous 22 year old woman want me? A man of 50+.

Then the horrible answer came to me: this woman, this, this thing that is is happening here, it is a dream.

Not a dream I am having.

It’s worse and most likely impossible to ever happen.

It’s a dream I want.



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