There is a place

Known by few

It’s run by those

And their point of view

I was sent here

To pay for my sin

I’m okay with that

So let’s begin

To those outside

And what they see

This place is here

To rehab me

But that’s not true

It’s far from real

There’s no rehabbing

Its pride they steal

The little things

Of day to day

They know we have

They take away

I wish someone

Would tell me why

My time spent here

Makes a better I



  1. If you have to ask i don’t think it rehab was the place for you?

    • sobnyc says:

      I actually wrote that while in prison, the system did nothing but “contain”. No moral or emotional rehab went on there. And I only say this because I felt that the return rate (which is extremely high) should be a priority and not a source of business in this country. Just my opinion.


  2. davidrhythm says:

    I really like this bro. What you are saying is very true.

    Hi, I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I do hope you’ll accept.

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