I wish I could just rest my heart.

Just take it out of my body, place it in a silk lined box inside of an ice-filled Igloo cooler.

Gently put “my heart container” at the foot of my bed and relax for tonight.

Lay down and close my eyes. Let sleep take me over. My breathing would be controlled and steady paced. Bones and blood would be at ease. For once, I would not have to think or worry about my heart and how hard it works just to keep me, ME.

Yeah, take it out, because while my heart is inside of me, my sleeping is keeping me awake.

Yeah, this is the way to go.

And yes I did exactly all that last night.

I went into my garage and found my favorite red cooler.

Heart – box – ice – cooler – peaceful sleep.

Yet when I awoke this morning to the sound of her vacuuming the bedroom floor, I almost died.

It seems she felt the need to throw out that old beat up red Igloo cooler.



  1. thesubterraneanworld says:

    This is beautifully incredible. I feel your writing is simple and that is adds the elegance to every blog you post. Any ways, I would like to ask you how to share pictures and stories with you, like you mentioned on my blog.
    I mean, do I have to email you or just follow this ???
    Thank you for dropping by my blog .

    • sobnyc says:

      email is

      send me the picture in JPEG format

      I will write a short story about it, post it and link the story and photo back to your blog.

      cool huh?

      • thesubterraneanworld says:

        Yeah, it is extremely cool, though no need to link dear, I would just like to experience the magic of your words is a paranormal way this time.
        Any ways, I have some other pictures too, can I send them afterwards too? Isn’t it cool also?

      • sobnyc says:

        the link is just to credit you for sending in picture. People always like to know where the art came from, they know the words are coming from my brain (or lack of brain haha) ,,send whatever you like.

        And YES it is cool!!!!

      • thesubterraneanworld says:

        Oh come on..
        I love the way you write, ya better not humiliate anything I LIKE whether it is your brain or HEART.. Hope you get through the humour in it. This post is stunningly awesome. I am in love with it. It has something which makes me read it over and over again.
        GOD BLESS.

      • sobnyc says:

        read on,,,,,there a lot more,

      • thesubterraneanworld says:

        And I have already sent the picture that you desired .
        Good Time.

  2. LOL This was very cute.

  3. Nae's Nest says:

    You really should be more careful. You might be in luck, I hear Wal-Mart has a sale on hearts today

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