Even though

I’m far away

Even though

I couldn’t stay

It doesn’t mean

I didn’t care

Sometimes life

Just isn’t fair

There are times

When we’re alone

There are times

We only phone

I cannot hold

You in my arms

I only pray

You don’t find harm

I promise this

To you my dear

When I am free

You’ll never fear

I’ll give my all

In every way

I promise this

On fathers day




There is no doubt

You must agree

Life is hard

When you’re not free

This pain I have

This loss of feel

It’s something alive

It’s something real

I cannot bend

Or even break

I must be strong

For their sake

And as I

Hold this line

Outside these walls

Are children of mine

They too, live

Day by day

They too, have

Words to say

I hope they share

All they can

Share their hurt

With their old man



As I sit

In this place

And think about

Time and space

My mind drifts

Back to when

I was young

And clean of sin

When all that was

Asked of me

Was to be polite

And dirt free

Looking at

My life today

Of where I am

What can I say

All the times

That I thought wrong

Of how he sang

The same old song

He did all he could

To keep me from bad

It was me who failed

Not the dad I had



  1. Nae's Nest says:

    There is always a deep and sometimes plural meaning behind what you writing. As a reader, it fascinates me. I see the “obvious intent”, I see “meaningful intent”, finally, I can see something of a personal level. Something perhaps the reader is not meant to understand. It may be something to bring comfort to yourself and family.
    Whatever it is, it makes your writing style intriguing. I look for to writing with you again…ones of these days I will figure you out! hahah

  2. Frank B. Szalay says:

    Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like the words that come from the heart… Remembering you always!
    “Summer doesn’t sleep at night…”

  3. margmadi1 says:

    You express yourself so freely! It’s your gift, keep at it!! Your words are so meaningful and fit in so many lives…. Thank You and Happy Father’s Day to you!

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