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I got a story like that

“ALRIGHT,ALRIGHT, EVERYONE PLEASE get into their places,we are about to begin.” Yelled a very exasperated photographer. This photo shoot was taking much longer than they all had expected. They had rented this location for only 3 hours, of which there was only a half hour left.  A friend of the photographer had told him about this location. The rental price was affordable,mostly because nobody used it this space anymore because of the rumors that it was haunted or something.

“OKAY NOW, the photographer started saying,” when the two actors are in position I want lighting and mirrors to start rotating around them. Let’s see if we can get this shot right people, okay?”

As the small production team ran nervously about doing their jobs, the two young models walked towards each other to their assigned spot in the center of the old stone walled room. On the floor scattered all about…

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