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It wasn’t long

Before I knew

That the mother in me

Is the mother in you

How you held me tight

On my very first day

From the moment we met

From the things you say

I grew up fast

I grew up strong

You were there

For me all along

When my way was lost

Or when I fell

No need for words

You could always tell

Even today

While we’re apart

My life complete

With you in my heart

So, as I write

This poem to you

Remember this mom

Every word is true






I think it’s fair

That you should know

That all you do

Sets hearts aglow

You are the one

Who does their best

You’re always there

And never rest

To be an aunt

Mom or dad

To be the one

She’s always had

As I watch

This from afar

I must admit

How good you are

They’ll always say

She pulled it thru

They’ll always say

Great things of you

So as I end

This tale to you

You should be proud

Of all you do





I used to think

I used to feel

That what I do

Makes it real

But looking at you

And the way you are

Confirms you’re real

And real by far

We shouldn’t boast

Or brag at all

But just the same

You should stand tall

You have a gift

That others need

I wish I had

That gift to feed

So please go on

And fight the fight

It is in your strength

That HE delights

It is my wish

And of others too

That you also feel

The good in you