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clense heart

Cleanse my Heart



Just want to

Wash away

All the moments

Before today

Start fresh

With new reason

Stop giving

Into treason

If I could

Id reach in

Remove the pieces

Of past sin

Look at it

In tilted hand

Watch it spill

Like time clock sand

Never again

Will I be

Brought to tear

Brought to knee

All it takes

To live this part

Is cleanse my soul

Cleanse my Heart





Once we met

I knew for sure

That I’d never have

To look no more

I found the one

Right for me

It happened so quick

I almost didn’t see

But thankfully yes

I did embrace

Her eyes her heart

Her lovely face

I pinch myself

Every now and then

Do I deserve

What heaven sent

Of course I do

And so does she

I’m sure she feels

The same of me

She is my life

My heart my soul

I love you dear

Till we grow old




I wish I could just rest my heart.

Just take it out of my body, place it in a silk lined box inside of an ice-filled Igloo cooler.

Gently put “my heart container” at the foot of my bed and relax for tonight.

Lay down and close my eyes. Let sleep take me over. My breathing would be controlled and steady paced. Bones and blood would be at ease. For once, I would not have to think or worry about my heart and how hard it works just to keep me, ME.

Yeah, take it out, because while my heart is inside of me, my sleeping is keeping me awake.

Yeah, this is the way to go.

And yes I did exactly all that last night.

I went into my garage and found my favorite red cooler.

Heart – box – ice – cooler – peaceful sleep.

Yet when I awoke this morning to the sound of her vacuuming the bedroom floor, I almost died.

It seems she felt the need to throw out that old beat up red Igloo cooler.





On the wall

Where I live

It records

What I give

A little left

A little right

It records

Day and night

Following me

Across the room

It records

Far and zoom

Never sleeps

Or even blinks

It records

While we think

I wonder if

It even cared

It records

What we shared

This world we’re in

The pain we see

It records

My camera me



Is there nothing I can do to change this, this time?…I want things to be different… I want things to be the way they used to be…The way they were, only AS they should be now…You know how things evolve but stay the same?… Like you’re still YOU only an OLDER YOU…Why can’t my things be like that?…Instead, everything of mine is not the same…It is all something else…I mean like it’s Me and HER…NO I mean, it’s like it’s not me and her…It’s just ME and just HER…Here and now…Yet,somewhere out in this beautiful and massive existence we call life,  HER and I are floating along independently..It’s so sad to think that after all we’ve been through, this is what we have become…TWO that once were TWO then became ONE are now TWO again…Yet we are still ONE somewhere…Just not here…And just not now




Another night

Away from you

Once again

I’m one not two


Day to day

And night to night

I sleep alone

In sleep I fight


My memories

Fade in fade out

Sometimes rich

Sometimes drought


I hope to meet

You in my dreams

Your gentle voice

Replace the screams


My prison cell

My bars of steel

When I awake

The steel is real


Not too long

For me to go

Soon I’ll be home

My love says so