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clense heart

Cleanse my Heart



Just want to

Wash away

All the moments

Before today

Start fresh

With new reason

Stop giving

Into treason

If I could

Id reach in

Remove the pieces

Of past sin

Look at it

In tilted hand

Watch it spill

Like time clock sand

Never again

Will I be

Brought to tear

Brought to knee

All it takes

To live this part

Is cleanse my soul

Cleanse my Heart



Our Hearts Will Soften

Please dear Lord
Take them in
They’re so young
And void of sin

Hold them in
Your loving heart
Whisper to them
That heaven’s the start

And that they’ll spend
The rest of time
As guardian angels
To me and mine

They’ll never get sick
They’ll never feel pain
And from now on
Blessed be their name

Let them fly
Along the wing
Of other angels
That dance and sing

And Please dear Lord
Remind them often
That we’ll carry on
And our hearts will soften




Even though

I’m far away

Even though

I couldn’t stay

It doesn’t mean

I didn’t care

Sometimes life

Just isn’t fair

There are times

When we’re alone

There are times

We only phone

I cannot hold

You in my arms

I only pray

You don’t find harm

I promise this

To you my dear

When I am free

You’ll never fear

I’ll give my all

In every way

I promise this

On fathers day




There is no doubt

You must agree

Life is hard

When you’re not free

This pain I have

This loss of feel

It’s something alive

It’s something real

I cannot bend

Or even break

I must be strong

For their sake

And as I

Hold this line

Outside these walls

Are children of mine

They too, live

Day by day

They too, have

Words to say

I hope they share

All they can

Share their hurt

With their old man



As I sit

In this place

And think about

Time and space

My mind drifts

Back to when

I was young

And clean of sin

When all that was

Asked of me

Was to be polite

And dirt free

Looking at

My life today

Of where I am

What can I say

All the times

That I thought wrong

Of how he sang

The same old song

He did all he could

To keep me from bad

It was me who failed

Not the dad I had





Once we met

I knew for sure

That I’d never have

To look no more

I found the one

Right for me

It happened so quick

I almost didn’t see

But thankfully yes

I did embrace

Her eyes her heart

Her lovely face

I pinch myself

Every now and then

Do I deserve

What heaven sent

Of course I do

And so does she

I’m sure she feels

The same of me

She is my life

My heart my soul

I love you dear

Till we grow old





I am alone

I cannot touch

Bound by doubt

I do miss much

“You should believe”

They say to me

I say, “I cannot

Unless I see”

You have yours

And I have mine

You kneel in prayer

I only stare

I know I should

You’re probably right

Believe as you do

Believe in might

There’ll come a day

A place and time

When it might make sense

To me and mine

But, until then

I’ll float alone

Until then

A rolling stone




Again the world

Sees the sad

Again the world

Feels the bad

We heard the news

About our loss

We heard again

About our cost

She is taken

From us here

He is taken

From us I fear

They serve

And fight

To protect

Our right

I weep and kneel

On bended knee

I pray for them

I pray to thee

Open the gates

Their soul to keep

Open my heart

Sleep solider sleep





If you please

A moment or two

I have some words

To say to you

To get this right

Only one place to start

It is in me

It’s from my heart

For all you do

Each day and night

For all the wrongs

You help make right

How I knew

All along

That you’d be there

Thru prayer and song

I thank you sir

And I ask of thee

After all I’ve done

Would you forgive me

You’ve given me

A gift within

My turn to give you

Where do I begin






Hear this story

Pure and true

It will restore

The faith in you

It’s about a man

Mary’s brother

Her love for him

Equal to another

The story goes

That he did die

He was entombed

There he’d lie

But not for long

It has been told

He rose again

Into the fold

Come forth

I say unto thee

Walk again

Walk with me

So once again

HIS glory so deep

HE did awaken

Lazarus’s sleep