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Please read this heartfelt piece. The writer is telling us something deep and powerful.

Nae's Nest


Yellow Witch is delivering a healing prayer to all cancer patients.  Please help in getting her circulated around the internet.  Pass her on…….

Thank you

Renee Robinson, Nae’s Nest

This yellow witch is sent to you

With a healing prayer

Asking God for a cure

Cancer Beware

Cast this vile disease out

Please Father, We pray

Bless this little yellow witch

Wash all cancer away

A misty kiss and a puff of wind

Hear us, Oh Lord

Cradle us in angel wings

Strong so we may soar

Yellow witch

Stay with us

Remind us, this prayer

That we may pass on to another

Who is in despair


Renee Robinson

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  1. Hey there, why don’t you put I GOT A STORY in your sideview here, for all to see;-) Because the world should know your writing!! hugs, Anne

  2. Nae's Nest says:

    I am so happy I am not the only one wondering around in my cloud of confusion

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