I’m scared DAD

Me too SON, but as long as we’re together I’m not as afraid

Really, really DAD

Really really SON

Okay DAD, if you’re not afraid then I’ll be brave

Alright SON, take my hand walk to the edge of the cliff with me

Hold my hand tight DAD, you won’t let go will you

I won’t ever let go SON

Okay DAD let’s go to the edge, but I’m keeping my eyes closed

SON, we’re at the edge, look down

I can’t DAD

Ha-ha sure you can SON, just open your eyes


Come on SON open your eyes and look down

I’ll open one eye DAD

Okay SON, one eye, is it open


All the way open SON

All the way DAD

See SON look down, cool isn’t it

Yeah DAD very cool

Both eyes now SON, open them both


Still feel brave SON

Yeah I do DAD, wow it’s far down

Yes it is SON, it’s very far down, but that’s good

Why is it good DAD

It’s good SON, because we get to fly longer

Longer DAD, you mean straight down more

Straight down at first SON, but then we’ll fly in circles

Big circles DAD

If that’s what you want SON

Yeah DAD, big circles like a big bird that would be cool

Okay SON big circles it is, are you ready

Yeah, no wait one more thing DAD


What happens when it’s over DAD

What do you mean SON

What happens when we stop flying DAD

Oh well, then we land SON

After we land, DAD then what

Well SON then we walk home

We walk hand in hand right DAD

Yes SON hand in hand

Forever right DAD

Forever and ever SON





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