I often think

To myself

That my life

Just sits on a shelf

Like the things

At a store

They’re all lined up

But what for

Why am I

In this box

Surrounded by walls

Doors and locks

Of what good

Does this do

It certainly hurts

Both me and you

Day in day out

My body goes

Yet deep inside

The pain it grows

I’m on autopilot

In almost every way

Except my heart

Broke again today



  1. Nae's Nest says:

    Beautiful. I often have the same thought.

    • sobnyc says:

      you are so kind,,i must have you under some kind of spell huh???

      • Nae's Nest says:

        Yes, captivated, invigorated and constipated.

      • sobnyc says:

        u r my biggest fan,,,oh wait,,no im ur biggest fan,oh wait im a fan ur a fan,,,what the hell is going on here?,,if we’re just a couple of fans, who he hell is writing,,”oh wait ,,no worries,, I’m back,,hahahahahha

        beer is good

  2. When I read this, I pictured a man in a dark room, smoking a cigarette and reciting the poem, with only a candle as his light.

  3. Sobnyc…its a beautiful poem :)

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