Is There a Target on my Heart…

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

There must be something similar to a big set of red circles on my chest that only she can see. It’s invisible to me because it is nothing that I put there. I can feel it right now as I’m typing this post to you. Oh, it’s there all right. One big red circle around smaller red circles with a red dot in the center. It wasn’t always there, but it’s there now.

Blinking like some bizarre neon street sign begging for attention. Sometimes its as simple as a finger poke or a dull elbow. Other times it is more like a sharp stabbing pain like a skewer being pushed out to the other side.

Who does that to someone they care/cared for? Can’t she see that its wrong?

As I sleep I dream of an arrow slicing through the air and striking me in a red circle. It’s not always on target, most times it’s simply hits somewhere in the circles. But every now and then I feel the one that was meant to and did find its way into the center, the one that she knew would stick and hurt most.

I’m not mad or angry really, in fact I’m more surprised that she still shoots and hadn’t given up and walked away to maybe, another target.

Maybe the pain she sends is the new love we have. Maybe this is just us getting older together.

Maybe I shoot arrows too!



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