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In a car, in a bar

Walking by or driving thru

You hear that song

That meant the world to you

You have to stop

You have to listen

The words take you back

To a place you’ve been missing

You close your eyes

And dream a dream

Back in time

It almost seems

Then comes the end

The tune is done

But, man o’ man

That was fun





I often think

To myself

That my life

Just sits on a shelf

Like the things

At a store

They’re all lined up

But what for

Why am I

In this box

Surrounded by walls

Doors and locks

Of what good

Does this do

It certainly hurts

Both me and you

Day in day out

My body goes

Yet deep inside

The pain it grows

I’m on autopilot

In almost every way

Except my heart

Broke again today





On the wall

Where I live

It records

What I give

A little left

A little right

It records

Day and night

Following me

Across the room

It records

Far and zoom

Never sleeps

Or even blinks

It records

While we think

I wonder if

It even cared

It records

What we shared

This world we’re in

The pain we see

It records

My camera me





If you please

A moment or two

I have some words

To say to you

To get this right

Only one place to start

It is in me

It’s from my heart

For all you do

Each day and night

For all the wrongs

You help make right

How I knew

All along

That you’d be there

Thru prayer and song

I thank you sir

And I ask of thee

After all I’ve done

Would you forgive me

You’ve given me

A gift within

My turn to give you

Where do I begin






Hear this story

Pure and true

It will restore

The faith in you

It’s about a man

Mary’s brother

Her love for him

Equal to another

The story goes

That he did die

He was entombed

There he’d lie

But not for long

It has been told

He rose again

Into the fold

Come forth

I say unto thee

Walk again

Walk with me

So once again

HIS glory so deep

HE did awaken

Lazarus’s sleep





 It started out

Like any race

The others and I

Running our pace

Like life it was

A little rushed

Like life we tend

To keep things hushed

You try to make

It thru with hope

Sometimes that helps

You just to cope

But then it happens

What’s not rehearsed

That moment you fear

Might be the worst

Things break down

And fall apart

It is in HIM

You must have heart

And when you need help

To carry your boulder

You’ll always have

My Fathers shoulder





This is a story

About a man

Who along with his father

Had a plan

To take to earth

And straighten out

All the wrongs

That we’re about

Not that they said

“Let’s wipe the slate clean”

It’s more like

Let’s show them what we mean

So he took his place

And traveled around

Gathered followers

To share his sound

Soon the bad

Discovered him

They hurt this man

For his teachings

But lucky for us

His plan succeeded

My sins corrected

My debt deleted


This heart of mine, the muscle inside of me, pulsing, beating, and pumping life into my life. I  feel it, I hear it in the silence of night. I hold it in a bedside cradle, like a one eye open sleeping father would a newborn. Only I am it’s child, my heart is the one that never rests. My heart is mine, yet it allows me to be who I choose to be. My heart does not tell me, I command it, yet it lets me feel.

I also know that someday it will stop, just cease to exist. It will not warn me when it suddenly stops, for I have not earned that courtesy. And that’s okay with me, I’ll not be mad. I have given my heart more than it’s fair share of love and pain. I have asked my heart to give love and pain to others as well. My heart does not detest me for the pain I shared with others. And make no mistake, it was a shared pain. 

And in the end, my end, when that moment comes, that dreadful instant when I will know that this is it THE END.

My heart will not ask of me to struggle to keep it pumping, pulsing ,beating.

For it knows that I will accept OUR END. It will only seek to for me to take one last sweet breath and release it completely to my soul, to lie still and seek the heavens that brought us together.

This heart of mine, this beautiful gift given to me will share my very last moment with me just like it was our first moment together.