I am awakened once again by fear.

The fear of knowing that another day is to be endured.

A fear of not being able to be, simply me.

My window is cracked open slightly and mornings light silently slips inside trying to find its way to sting my eyes.

The light creeps and slithers slowly upward up from the foot of my bed.

It menacingly caresses and worms itself into the folds of my blankets.

Across my legs and thighs it layers me in it’s heat and warmth, as if it is here to comfort me.

I shift my body as the light crosses over my abdomen and then quickly up my chest.

My hand absently reaches up and strokes my neck as the light begins to wrap around my throat.

I cough dryly as I expel a dream filled breath.

I am in pool of light and swimming towards the rippling surface in an unspoken obedience.

I break thru the mirror of night.

Gasping, I awake.

My eyes are filled with color and the moisture of my own tears.

I blink as the realization of having to rise again becomes my truth.

Holding one pale dry hand towards the sunshine in a weak attempt to prevent today from happening, I stand.



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