Growing up in Inwood.


On hot summer days growing up in Inwood NY, we had to find a way to cool off.

I found this video or it found me of exactly what we did back then.

We did not have video cameras back then thank god, or the legal troubles would still be going on.

This clip is spot on to my past.

The “C-Rock” is a 110 foot high cut of stone on The Bronx side of NYC. One side of the rock has a commuter rail line and the other side faces the Hudson River.

The “C” used to be painted annually by the freshman class of Columbia University, their athletic field is located to the east of the rock. The very top of the rock is named The Hump.

Great video, great flashback.





  1. Kelley says:

    Awesome Video, good music too!!

  2. Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing this video…. This is some footage from my upcoming documentary “C-Rock”. There’s much more to come. Please check out

    • sobnyc says:

      Hi Jordan,
      Thanks for liking my post, I got a lot of views and likes on that posting, terrific job.

      Glad to see you jumped. I spoke with Eric and I told him that I wrote a book about growing up in Inwood back when the C was painted every year or so. The real fun was getting a chick up to The Hump to hump. Problem was you had to get her drunk to go there in the dark, then you had to keep both of you from falling off.
      Keep in touch. Let me know If I can be of help. Maybe we could assist eachother in getting our goals accomplished, I need help with my book( editorial, cover, etc…) maybe your network could help mine, and vise versa. Eric should have my number.


  3. Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing the video… This is some footage from my upcoming documentary “C-Rock”. Please check us out at

  4. Maureen wright says:

    Talk about taking me back, way back. I loved loved this video, the joy of my childhood swimming in the now famous Hudson River, you know the one they landed a jetliner in safely and the one the landed a helicopter in safely, yea that one. Lmao

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