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Our Hearts Will Soften

Please dear Lord
Take them in
They’re so young
And void of sin

Hold them in
Your loving heart
Whisper to them
That heaven’s the start

And that they’ll spend
The rest of time
As guardian angels
To me and mine

They’ll never get sick
They’ll never feel pain
And from now on
Blessed be their name

Let them fly
Along the wing
Of other angels
That dance and sing

And Please dear Lord
Remind them often
That we’ll carry on
And our hearts will soften



I was sitting with my nine year old this evening talking about the tragic shooting in an elementary school just like his. This poem came from that conversation with my little man.

I Love you Connor




Daddy daddy
Tell me why
Why do children

Have to die

I want to play
And run around
I want to smile
But now I frown

It’s just not fair
That we must hide
Run in fear
Or cry inside

Make them stop
Being so mean
Make them stop
Taking my dream

All I want
is to be me
All I want
Is to live free

Mommy mommy
Please don’t cry
Please just tell me
Why oh why