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Even though

I’m far away

Even though

I couldn’t stay

It doesn’t mean

I didn’t care

Sometimes life

Just isn’t fair

There are times

When we’re alone

There are times

We only phone

I cannot hold

You in my arms

I only pray

You don’t find harm

I promise this

To you my dear

When I am free

You’ll never fear

I’ll give my all

In every way

I promise this

On fathers day




There is no doubt

You must agree

Life is hard

When you’re not free

This pain I have

This loss of feel

It’s something alive

It’s something real

I cannot bend

Or even break

I must be strong

For their sake

And as I

Hold this line

Outside these walls

Are children of mine

They too, live

Day by day

They too, have

Words to say

I hope they share

All they can

Share their hurt

With their old man



As I sit

In this place

And think about

Time and space

My mind drifts

Back to when

I was young

And clean of sin

When all that was

Asked of me

Was to be polite

And dirt free

Looking at

My life today

Of where I am

What can I say

All the times

That I thought wrong

Of how he sang

The same old song

He did all he could

To keep me from bad

It was me who failed

Not the dad I had







I know she’s here I can feel her.

I know that she is looking for me.

I know that soon we will be together.

I know this because, I’m the one writing here.





Once we met

I knew for sure

That I’d never have

To look no more

I found the one

Right for me

It happened so quick

I almost didn’t see

But thankfully yes

I did embrace

Her eyes her heart

Her lovely face

I pinch myself

Every now and then

Do I deserve

What heaven sent

Of course I do

And so does she

I’m sure she feels

The same of me

She is my life

My heart my soul

I love you dear

Till we grow old