If you please

A moment or two

I have some words

To say to you

To get this right

Only one place to start

It is in me

It’s from my heart

For all you do

Each day and night

For all the wrongs

You help make right

How I knew

All along

That you’d be there

Thru prayer and song

I thank you sir

And I ask of thee

After all I’ve done

Would you forgive me

You’ve given me

A gift within

My turn to give you

Where do I begin






Hear this story

Pure and true

It will restore

The faith in you

It’s about a man

Mary’s brother

Her love for him

Equal to another

The story goes

That he did die

He was entombed

There he’d lie

But not for long

It has been told

He rose again

Into the fold

Come forth

I say unto thee

Walk again

Walk with me

So once again

HIS glory so deep

HE did awaken

Lazarus’s sleep




  1. Nae's Nest says:

    Very nice poetry. Impressive websight too. I must have pulled a dif sight by mistake earlier, which is why I didnt realise you write. lol I do have something called “chemo” brain…some permanet damage which messes up my memory and such. It annoys the hell out of me too. Oh well, great sight. I think you have a few things I’d like to reblog.

    • sobnyc says:

      Hi Nae,

      Now worries on re-posting, just put it to link back to us as I did with yours.

      more to follow

    • sobnyc says:

      here is the email I think I sent,,,my friend in Portugal set up this email addy and it’s in all Spanish, so I’m not sure if i sent it or not. See we all have our weirdness whether its self inflicted or jut part of day to day,,,,,

      Hey you,

      Great job, here are my two favorites, starting with my first choice

      1) reunion
      2) patience

      I will write when I get home from work tomorrow evening.

      I know you picked the same, right???


      go to http://www.sobnyc.wordpress.com and read some of “what my brain says to write” the true me lies there


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