Why must I wait for her? She knows that I am here yet she insists on being late, again. There is nothing I can do about it, or is there? I should not wait and I should maybe hide and when she finally shows up and sees that I am not here she will be the one who is made to wait. Is she making me wait, is this a wrong assumption? Of course she makes me wait, and of course I wait. I always wait. Actually I don’t mind, I mean I am waiting for her. She’s worth the wait, isn’t she? Great, now I’m second guessing my own thoughts. Maybe this waiting all the time is making me crazier than I care to admit to. Ha ha, sure it’s sounds crazy to you. It does sound crazy doesn’t it? Hell, I really don’t care if it sounds or if it seems crazy that I wait as long as I do. I DO IT ALL THE TIME. I have always waited for her, and I always will. She’s worth it.

 Besides, I want her to see that I am wearing the new sweater she gave me.



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